Michael Webb, Principal

Named for one of Elizabeth's most active community leaders, Monsignor João S. Antão School No. 31 is among the newest buildings in the Elizabeth Public Schools. The building is home to seven prekindergarten and to classes on the gifted and talented program for students in grades two through eight from William F. Halloran No. 22. The program serves a diverse population of students identified as gifted and talented in one of four components: academics, the visual arts, physical education, and the performing arts. The school implements Managed Instruction, a comprehensive theory of action that embraces many partial theories of action, including adequate resources, effective management, small learning communities, highly qualified teachers, Pre-Kindergarten, and more. It is through this combination of exemplary practices that the school works to fulfill the mission of the Elizabeth Public Schools: to provide excellent educational experiences and services that will inspire every student to think, to learn, to achieve, and to care. Our school promotes a culture of interdependence, where all stakeholders work to support high levels of student achievement. The school's focus on excellent educational experiences and high academic standards creates a positive culture wherein students engage rigorously in the process of learning, the results of which are evident in the school's continued improvement and growth. With this in mind, stakeholders within our school community look forward to the challenges and successes to come.

Anti-Bullying Coordinator 
Eunice Y. Couselo
Imperial Plaza Buliding 
505 North Broad Street 
Elizabeth, NJ 07208 

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